Impressionistic Oil Paintings

Heading Home (with frame) - Oil

"Heading Home"  I was painting plein air when I captured the reference photo for this painting.  The owner of the farm had brought his young draft horse down the lane to pay a visit.  The atmosphere was quiet with exception of birds chirping and squirrels scurrying here and there.  The morning sun filtered through the trees and across the pasture just beyond the wooded entrance to the lane.  The strength of the young horse was noticeable as he tugged on the lead causing me to wonder if his master could handle such strength.  I loved creating the profound contrast in this painting; that of dark leading into the light, sharper dark edges to that of the soft light in the background.  I wanted to convey the atmosphere as well as the story...not only the satisfaction of taking his horse for a walk but the pure beauty of enjoying the serenity and joy of the morning.



Penny French-Deal is an award-winning artist whose oil paintings have been seen in numerous juried competitions.  Working primarily in oils, she is known for her contemporary impressionistic style using warm, vibrant colors.   Driven by passion and challenge, she explores a variety of subject matter to interpret the energy, continuity and integrity of shapes, value, color and composition.