Impressionistic Oil Paintings

Moooooody - Oil

"Moooooody!"  Such a play on words....Cows Moo and there is definitely a mood in this painting.  The responsibility of the cow on the right is to lead the viewer through the rest of the painting.  I focused on the right eye of the this cow with intent of almost demanding a conversation (should that be possible).  The colors are dark.  They set the mood.  These cows could be interpreted as white cows in shadow or black cows reflecting light (in this case, the latter was truly the subject).  Enjoy, "Moooooody!"



Penny French-Deal is an award-winning artist whose oil paintings have been seen in numerous juried competitions.  Working primarily in oils, she is known for her contemporary impressionistic style using warm, vibrant colors.   Driven by passion and challenge, she explores a variety of subject matter to interpret the energy, continuity and integrity of shapes, value, color and composition.